Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Bosque Del Rio Hondo, Rosemead, CA.

Bosque Del Rio Hondo

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Just down the street from Whittier Narrows and Legg Lake you will find an old swimming hole referred to as "Pig Beach". A place for people who couldn't make it down to the beach. 

Area is mostly dry brush, that is normally what you come across in this area. However, closer to the river and the creek nearby there are plenty of trees and green shrubs.

I love this picture below, its as if the world if tilting left!

This is the bike trail that runs through the area.

Walking off the trail a bit we found some shade.

Right along side the bike path is a series of power/phone lines. We came through this open area and found a pile of what appeared to be white PVC pipes. Not sure if we entered a restricted area as no signs where posted to stay out and there were no enclosures. A sad pile of pollution!

Several signs are posted further along the trail, they are all covered with tagging. It appears to say that the water is polluted, not to swim as it can make you ill. This is understandable as the Los Angeles River drains in to this area. But I found many accounts online of people swimming here.

The seasonal river runs under this bridge, the street above is San Gabriel Blvd.

1 sad lonely bench.

Looking back towards the entrance. Under the bridge there is a small creek, that does have water running through it.

Parking area, there are benches, restrooms and an open park like area.

Entrance to the parking area.

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